This star daughter wished fans Christmas, do you understand this star? you must know his mother

Malayalees have always had a special curiosity to know the characteristics of a superstar. The reason for this is that we do not see superstars only as actresses and actors. Rather, we see them as members of our own household. That’s how we love them. Therefore, we take all their characteristics as our own.

Now pictures of a child are going viral on social media. Now this child comes to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Meanwhile you will not recognize this kid. You probably don’t recognize this kid by name. This girl’s name is Arin. But if you take the name of the mother of this child, you will definitely understand her.

The name of the girl’s mother is Asin. After marriage, he is not very active in the film industry. He has acted in many languages ​​including Malayalam. The actor is mostly seen through Tamil films. The actor got significant acting roles from Tamil cinema. The actor got only glamor roles from Telugu.

At the same time, it can be said that the Bollywood film industry has made the person below a superstar. The actress acted as the heroine of many superstars here. The actor was married to the boss of the Micromax company. All the pictures and videos of their wedding are going viral on social media.