This leads to the conclusion that BJP will come to that constituency, and if it wins, that district will get some benefit – Hear what actor Baiju is saying? He didn’t say this because he is BJP, if you know the constituency you will also say the same

Baiju is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been active in Malayalam cinema for the past several decades. In the initial days, he worked in many films and was a hero-like character. In between he took a brief retreat from the film industry, but has now made a strong comeback and is one of the best character actors in Malayalam today. Now the interview given by him to Kan channel media is being noticed. Suresh notices his words about Gopi.

“During Suresh Gopi’s tenure as MP, he has extended a lot of assistance using his wealth. Apart from this, he has also done many good works by spending money with his own hands. It is all because of his goodwill. He will contest this time also. Let’s see if we can win or not. If he wins, that district will get some benefit. It is certain that the BJP will come in the Central constituency. Thrissur district will be of some benefit if he wins. He is the one who has every chance to win” – says Baiju.

He said, ‘I have told him not to contest again if he does not win this time. I said this should be the last match. He also told me that he will not contest again. Innocent Chetan was just standing for the competition. I never thought that I would win. But he won. It was after that that he really got into it. In fact, he was the one who had the point of not winning. Maybe if he hears me saying this, he will think how he read my mind” – said Baiju.

“Mukesh and I are very close friends. When he contested for the second time, I told him to set things right. Because there were minor problems. If we take cinema and politics together, we will die soon. After film acting, interviews and all programs of the channel are over, there will be no health after public work,” Baiju added.

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