This is really surprising; Samyukta and Biju Menon share the good news

Samyuktha Varma and Bijumenan are the favorite couple of Malayalees. The audience is familiar with both of them through the big screen. Both of them got married when they were shining in the film industry. The stars, who came together after a long time of love, Samyukta Verma is now enjoying family life and moving on. The actor had earlier talked about returning to acting. Meanwhile, Biju Menon is still active in the field of acting.

Samyukta and Biju Menon’s picture together is going viral. Film fraternity and fans have liked the film during its foreign tours. This picture went viral in no time. The highlight of the film is the eagerness on Samyuktha’s face and Biju Menon’s smile.

Despite staying away from films, Samyukta is moving forward by taking Yoga classes. Actors learning yoga also share their stories through social media. Samyukta also said that her temper changed only after doing yoga.

Samyukta got married at the age of twenty-three. Fans are eagerly waiting for the actress to enter the cinema.

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