This is not Mahalakshmi; Kavya Dilip’s picture with a child is going viral

Despite being away from acting career, Kavya Madhavan’s name is still active on social media. Even the smallest news about the actress gets noticed very quickly. After a long time, Kavya is again making headlines on social media.

Recently many poetic pictures with Dilip have appeared on social media. Kavya accompanies her husband to wedding ceremonies and other functions. Now the new pictures of the couple have reached the fans.

In the picture, Dileep is in a bearded and long haired getup. Kavya is looking more beautiful than before. But apart from Dilip and Kavya, something else can also be seen in the photo. The question of the fans is that which baby is Kavya holding in her hand.

It is not Mahalakshmi and most of the questions that come under the photo are which child Kavya has taken. Comments expressing love for Kavya and Dilip are also coming.

Kavya Madhavan was once one of the finest actresses of Malayalam cinema. Kavya, who entered cinema as a child actress, later went on to play several heroine roles. All the movies starring Kavya were hits. Kavya started staying away from acting after her marriage to actor Dileep.

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