This is Ayyappan; Seeing the photo of Unni Mukundan, the child says, watch the video

Malikappuram is the latest movie of Unni Mukundan. After the release of the film, many people are talking about the film. Social media is abuzz with praises for Malikapuram. On this occasion, a post shared by Unni Mukundan is catching everyone’s attention.

Unni Mukundan has shared a video of the child. mother asks the child who is looking at Unni Mukundan’s photo on the phone. The child replied ‘Ayyappan’ with an innocent smile. When asked where, the child points to Unni Mukun’s photo. After the video surfaced, many people commented.

Meanwhile, Malikappuram is a film directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar. The screenplay is by Abhilash Pillai. Indrans, Manoj K Jayan, Saiju Kurup and Ramesh Pisharti are playing other characters in the film.

Meanwhile, Unni Mukundan has announced the release of the Tamil and Telugu versions of Malikappuram. The film will hit the screens in these languages ​​from January 6. Unni Mukundan expressed his gratitude to the Malayali audience who took over Malikappuram.

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