This is a scene from the film Vadhu Doctoran, released 30 years ago, what do you think of this star of Malayalam cinema?

Malayalam people have always had a special curiosity to see old pictures of superstars. The reason for this is that we do not see the stars of film serials only as actresses and actors. Rather we see and love them as members of our family. So we take all their characteristics as if they were the characteristics of people in our own household.

Vadhu Doctor is a film that released almost 30 years ago. Not only did Jayaramba play the central role in this film, it is one of the all-time favorite family films of Malayalees. A screenshot of this film is currently being discussed in many groups on social media. Have you ever met a star who came in a small role in a movie and went away?

He is one of the best character actors in Malayalam today. He has done small and big roles in many films, but he was noticed only after playing the role of Vishkol in Aameen. Later, he played a very important role in Mahesh’s Pratikraam. Today he works in many films.

His name is Jaishankar Karimuttam. He is one of the best character actors in Malayalam today. We can see his presence in almost all the movies releasing in Malayalam today. At the same time, it can be said that all Malayalam viewers are excited to see his old photo.

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