This is a hoax, one should not fall for it; Actress Gauri Krishna has shared a new viral video.

Fake accounts in the name of celebrities are common. Some will jump on it. When you look at some of these accounts you wouldn’t even know they are fake, they are made up like that. Now talking about the Facebook account started in the name of Gauri Krishna. When it came to her notice, Gauri Krishna shared a video elaborating about it. Gauri approaches the video and says that it is not her account and no one should jump into it.

The actress shared the video on YouTube with the caption, “This is some kind of cheating, not in my knowledge.” I have come here to tell you something very important. For the past few days, every video I post has a telegram link. The link says Gaurikrishna Official Telegram Page.

Such an account is not in his knowledge. This is a scam. I saw it saying that a laptop is being given as a gift. But my YouTube channel is in partnership with D Star. When I asked him about this fake account, he said that he did not know and he has reported it.

At the same time, no one can access that link. One Gaurikrishna says that the things said in this should not be followed. Further, the actress said that she asked for money from two or three people who sent her messages and got to know her.

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