This coal is not enough to kindle it, it is strong; About Suchitra

This year’s Malayalam Bigg Boss was the talk of the town right from the beginning. The faces of all the contestants who appeared in the competition are imprinted in the minds of the audience. Shalini Nair is one of them. After appearing in the show, Shalini told her life story. Even after release, the actor used to share every news.

Now Shalini is answering some questions through Instagram Story.

One question was whether the time could not be known even after hearing the call of the bank. Video footage is captured for memory. He traveled kilometers through the forest. The house of Bigg Boss is situated in the forest area. The chirping of monkeys was heard on the trees around the house. Shalini asked where is the church in such a desolate place.

There was also a question regarding Sukhil’s opinion. Those who ridicule will continue to ridicule. Does he have any answer on this, no. Actions speak louder than words, that’s why.

Suchik was the name that came to me when I was fired. This coal is not enough to kindle it, it is strong. Shalini also said that the time would come when her detractors would change everything.

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