This change was not expected and the audience was surprised to see Goan films of favorite Malayalam actress

Malayalees are always curious to know the details of the superstar. This is because Malayalis don’t see superstars just as actresses and actors. Rather, we see them as our own members of our family. And that’s how we love them. So we take all their characteristics as the characteristics of the people in our house.

Now the pictures of an actress from Goa have gone viral. These pictures have been shared by the actor himself through social media. In the year 2008, the actress appeared as a heroine. The actress was a heroine in Telugu films. Later, the actor did all the films in Hindi and Malayalam.

The actor made his acting debut in the film Dracula 2012. The actress was the heroine of this film. In this film, the actor played the role of Tara. The special thing is that Vinayan has directed this film. It was a film.

Anyway, now the Goa pictures of the actress have gone viral. All Malayalees now say that they did not expect this change at all. The actress looks very glamorous in films. Very good comments are coming under the pictures.

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