Think of him as a ghost, won’t you be afraid of death? Soubin spoke disparagingly to the actor and asked the audience whether the disdain for blacks had not changed in this century.

Romancham is one such film which is being shown in theaters to packed audiences. It is a horror comedy film. Viewers say that they have never laughed so much watching a film. In the film, not only the one-liner comedy has been worked out in the best way, but we also get to see the performance of the artists above it.

A central character in the film is played by an actor named Abin Bino. He is one of the actors who got noticed through the web series Othalanga Thurat. He has played a very impressive character in the film. His performance has been well received and appreciated by the audience.

At the same time, an interview given to Manorama News by the cast of the film two weeks back has become a controversy. In this, Abin aka Saubin is speaking in a funny manner, which has now become a cause of controversy. Soubin is said to have been making disparaging remarks about the appearance and complexion of a man named Abin.

“Think about this man, if he comes in the form of a ghost, will you not be scared to death? Who will actually be a ghost seeing this picture?” After saying this, Soubin pointed towards Ebin Bino. Now the viewers are saying that this statement of Soubin was very bad and the behavior of a responsible person does not suit.

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