They ran to me thinking it was actress Soundarya, but they did not know that Soundarya was dead; Chandra Laxman shared his experiences

Chandra Laxman is an actress who has acted in many movies and serials. Now, Chandra is playing the female lead in her own serial Sujata. After a long break, Chandra returned to acting with this series. The actress married for the second time. Chandra is also the mother of a child today.

Recently the actor participated in the Flowers Orukori event. Whatever the actress told here went viral. Chandra explains how some people mistook the actress for Soundarya. I had this experience when I started doing serials in Telugu.

Mamtala Kovila was the first serial in Telugu. That experience was during the shooting of Premon. The shooting is taking place in a village called Pochampally. At that time everyone’s eyes were on me. I was very surprised. I have not done Telugu before. I wondered how I could be understood in a village like this.

I stood in an Andhra look to braid all my hair and touch up all my freckles. The people present there thought that I was actress Soundarya. Many people have told me before that there is such a thing as beauty. They also thought I was beautiful. But at that time Soundarya had died. Without realizing it, he thought Soundarya was acting. Chandra said that they used to call Soundarya Garu Soundarya Garu.

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