They may look young, but think big; krishna kumar says

Krishnakumar is an active actor in both films and serials. The actor, who has been pursuing his acting career for many years, used to attend party activities occasionally and it was a huge buzz. After this the actor also had to face some criticism. But Krishna Kumar came forward with a clear answer to everything.

Now Kaumudi Movies is getting attention from Krishna Kumar’s earlier words about his children. ‘Now the issue is, who is Nathan? God creates everyone. Krishna Kumar said that everyone has their own talent.

They may look young, but think big. Today’s kids are highly exposed to the internet. Everyone is obsessed with social media these days. Today it is like this in every house. The elders in the house learn a lot from the kids and I always say that this is not a virtual world. You have to come out from inside and talk to people. They say that it is better to combine both.

Father and mother have their own place. Kids still love it. Krishna Kumar said that he feels like a successful householder on a small scale.

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