They have looked upon me, and are afraid to marry; Abhiram Suresh

Abhiram Suresh is the person who entered the serial as a child artist. All the characters played by the actor in Kunjunal received attention. Later Abhiram became active on social media after his sister. Singer Amrita Suresh is also a favorite of the audience. Sister-in-law also came to compete with sister in Bigg Boss. Both have been active on social media since coming out. Most of the videos shared by Amrita feature Abhiram.

Amrita Suresh gets into controversies from time to time, after which her sister-in-law Abhirami Suresh got into the gossip column. Abhiram has now answered the question asked about marriage. Abhiram says she wants to get married but is scared.

I am a social media junkie. Fear of getting married and then walking out of it. He will get married when the time comes. Abhiram said that he has not yet found a man to marry and will tie the knot when the time comes.

Social media is watching me. That’s why one should think hundred times before getting married, whether there is any problem, in fact it is a problem for the natives. At the same time, the actor said that he wanted to act, but could not continue acting due to various reasons.




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