These were the people who were going to destroy Saikumar; The director opens up about his approach towards the film

Suresh Gopi and Mukesh were earlier decided to play the lead roles in the film ‘Makkal Mahatmyam’. At that time Suresh Gopi got a film named Valayam.
Later Sai Kumar replaced Suresh Gopi in this role. Director Paulson has spoken candidly about his approach to the film.

At that time there would be ten to twelve people with Sai Kumar. They were actually the ones accompanying him to destroy him.

He will not come for the shoot but will take a room and sit with water. Sai has a lot of pictures from that day. I have heard that there are problems regarding the location of his films. So he said no but Siddiqui said he will call Sai and talk to her.

It is Paulson’s film and Sai can come with his wife, with the condition that he will not bring such people. There should be no friends and there should be a person at the place at the right time. After saying this he agreed to come.

Because the first picture of Puli was with me and I agreed. Paulson explains.

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