These are my new Ray-Ban glasses; Bhadran gifts Mohanlal new Rebon glasses – pics go viral

Pictures of Bhadran gifting Mohanlal new Reban glasses are going viral on social media. Pictures of superstar Mohanlal wearing ribbon glasses in a white shirt have gone viral among fans.

Bhadran, who came to sing the song Ezhimala Punchola in connection with the re-release of the film Sphadikam, presented a ribbon glass. Pictures of Mohanlal wearing a white shirt and new Ray Bans are doing the rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, the makers of the film say that Mohanlal has sung the song Ezhimala Punchhola beautifully. Meanwhile, the newly re-mastered version of the film Spadikam will hit the theaters on February 9.

The Crystal 4K version comes with a manufacturing cost of over Rs 1 crore. Crystal arrives in the 4K Atmos Mix with greater precision and clarity than ever before.

The re-mastering of the film was completed at Four Frames Studio owned by Priyadarshan in Chennai. The sound department is handled by National Award winning sound designer Rajakrishnan.

Mohanlal fans are eager to watch Aduthoma’s rumble of clothes clippings in 4K clarity. Fans are ready to celebrate the arrival of Thomachyan.

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