There will be no difficulty for the believers; Director Vipin Das talks about the controversies

Kochi: Vipin Das has announced Prithviraj and Basil Joseph starrer ‘Guruvayoorambala Natayil’. ‘Guruvayoorambala Nataile’ is a film directed by Vipin Das after the movie Jayjayjay Hai. The title poster of the film was announced recently.

After the announcement, Pratish Vishwanath, a former leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, came to the scene with a threat alert for the film. Former Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pratheesh Vishwanath threatened that if there is anything to show wrong in Guruvayoorappan’s name, think of his own ‘Variamkunna’ as declared by Rajumon.

Now the reaction of director Vipin Das is coming on this. Director Vipin Das says that the film ‘Guruvayoorambala Natayil’ will not cause any kind of trouble to the devotees or people associated with the temple. The film is set against the backdrop of Guruvayoor as seen in films such as Nakhakshatmanal, Nandanam and Guruvayoor Keshavan.

The director also said that there is no mention of any other politics in the film. The director said that those who have visited the Guruvayoor temple at least once and those who are related to the temple will definitely like the film. This was the director’s response to The Q.

It is a commercial film which has interesting incidents related to a marriage. The director said that he thinks it will be liked by all.

Prithviraj and Basil Joseph’s latest movie is ‘Guruvayoorambalanadail’. This is the film directed by Vipin Das after the hit film ‘Jaya Jaya Jaya Hai’. ‘Kunjiramayan’ co-screenwriter Deepu Pradeep is also writing the new film. The production is under the banner of E4 Entertainments, the makers of ‘Godaa’.

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