There was pressure to change religion for marriage: Kaviyoor Ponnamma on her relationship with the actor

Kaviyoor Ponnamma is the mother face of Malayalam cinema. The words shared in an interview about her marriage with Kaviyoor Ponnamma actor Shankaradhi and their love affair at that time are again gaining attention.

Actor Shankardhi fell in love with her during her acting days in the play. But Kaviyoor Ponnamma reveals that he had another love. In the words of the actor, ‘Shankaradhi came to the drama committee with an idea. But I never fell in love with him. Everyone came with an idea. After that the news spread that there was some closeness between Shankaradhi and Ponnamma. KPAC is under the auspices of the Communist Party. The party immediately called and talked. He called his father. And so the engagement happened. Both became similar, but it stopped.

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I had a crush on a person. I will not mention their names here. I would have married her. But when it came to the point of saying that I had to change my religion, I backed out. Because I didn’t want to leave my family’ – said Kaviyoor Ponnamma.