There is no possibility of taking oath with Siju Wilson, Umar Lulu said, know what is the problem between the two?

Omar Lulu is one of the most favorite directors of Malayalees. He was noticed through the film Happy Wedding. Siju Wilson was the hero of this film. But it is being said that there is no possibility of another film with Siju. He shared these things in an interview given to Red FM channel.

He said, ‘As far as I have seen there is no such thing as commitment in cinema. About actor Siju Wilson, Happy Wedding is the film that became his break. Now he is a big star. I have seen Siju here and there. But there is little chance that they will make another film together.” – says Omar Lulu. Later he explained why he said that.

“The film Happy Wedding itself had some problems. The problems are not like this. There are many things that happen while making a film. I made the film Happy Wedding with a friend of mine. But he will tell a few things about the film. But we will have to see the making of the film. So it is not possible to meet what they say.” – Omar Lulu added.

He later said that such people should remember one thing. Omar Lulu says that when a film becomes a hit, they should remember who will benefit the most from it. Anyway, when the film is a hit, the actors get the most benefit and after the film is a hit, many viewers do not see who is the producer or director of the film.

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