There is no place for those who watch movies on the phone, those advertisements in theaters are now on online platforms as well, with the guidelines of the central government.

One of the biggest problems movie goers face in theaters is some obnoxious commercials. There will be many advertisements against smoking and drinking. After all this, by the time we start watching the film, our inner fog will clear. Because very boring scenes are always shown in these advertisements. Hence, watching movies online is a great relief for the common people.

It is a matter of relief that there are no such advertisements while watching movies online. But now the central government is planning to make such advertisements mandatory on online platforms as well. The Health Ministry was the first to make such a proposal. After this he sought the opinion of the Union IT Ministry.

Apart from this, they are associated with many online platforms. These are connected to Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar. Currently theaters are giving secrets of not less than 30 seconds. Henceforth online platforms should follow the same pattern.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear what will happen in the television sector. It is not yet clear whether this will apply to serials or not. Anyway, viewers now all say that it is good to have the option of skipping online. Or the viewer asks if after seeing all these commercials no one will smoke.

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