There is no permanent solution in this civilized and cultural Kerala; Sajitha talks about the troubles caused by the fire at the Brahmapuram plant

Kochi city is grappling with the fire that broke out at the Brahmapuram waste plant. The whole city is filled with smoke. Many people have developed respiratory problems after breathing in the fumes.

Meanwhile, actress Sajita has come to share her experience in mathematics. The actress says that the smell of smoke is coming from inside her flat. The actress asks if there is no solution for this.

Sajita’s response is through a note posted on social media, ‘There is smoke inside the flat. Last night there was smoke everywhere.

It’s a little light outside this morning because of the wind. Is there no permanent solution to this in this civilized and cultured Kerala?’, said Sajitha Math.

At the same time, in view of the risk, the Collector requested that the people of Brahmapuram area should stay at home as much as possible without going out and cooperate as much as possible as it is a holiday.

It has also been suggested that all hospitals should be prepared to deal with health problems of people, including respiratory problems. An emergency meeting is being held in Kochi today under the leadership of the Health Minister to deal with the health problems after the fire.

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