There is no dialogue, and at the end MT Sahib offers a glass of rum; Babu Antony shares an unforgettable experience

Babu Antony shares the unforgettable experience of acting in Vaishali. In an interview with Kairali TV, the actor revealed an interesting incident while shooting for Vaishali.

Vaishali has a dialogue at the climax. I don’t remember exactly what it was. Shooting for the film was an unforgettable experience. That means Rishishringar is coming. It’s raining. It was very cold because I wasn’t wearing anything,’

‘If it’s mild, it goes away. But I could not speak the dialogues as I was trembling. I do not know what to do. Cut several times. The dialogue I said is not correct. tried something While standing like this, someone caught hold of his shoulder. MT Vasudevan Sir.

‘ He looked down. He had a glass of rum in his hand. He asked me to cheat. So I took that rum and drank it and spoke the dialogue. It’s a good experience. Babu Antony joined.

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