There is a scene where she comes to kiss Mathew and it was very funny – Malavika Mohanan

There is a scene where she comes to kiss Mathew and it was very funny: Malavika Mohanan

Christy is the latest film starring Mathew Thomas and Malavika Mohanan in lead roles. Malvika Mohan talks about taking intimate scenes during the shooting of the film. In an interview to Mirchi Malayalam, Malavika said that the scene was very interesting to shoot and took a long time.

‘When Christy is acting in the film, there is a scene where Matthew’s character comes to kiss Christy or wants to kiss her. We don’t know whether it will happen or not. You will know when you see the picture. That scene was so much fun to shoot. Because Matthew was very strange. He was very poor and scared. I haven’t even kissed onscreen. There’s an intimacy when it comes to kissing, and this was a terrible joke. A lot of takes are gone,’ Malvika said.

Directed by debutant Alvin Henty. Earlier, a video posted by Malavika as part of the promotion of the film had grabbed attention.

The video begins with Malavika asking Mathew how she feels about working at Christie’s. Matthew’s answer is beautiful. Mathew also says that he is fortunate to be able to work with Malavika Mohanan. The star’s next question was how is working with Malvika. Interestingly, in the video, Mathew can be heard saying that she is beautiful.

Benjamin and Gr. The announcement of the film, which also has Indu Gopan writing the screenplay, garnered a lot of attention. The cinematography of the film is done by Anand C Chandran. Music is composed by Govind Vasant. The film is produced by Sajay Sebastian and Kannan Satheesan under the Rocky Mountain Cinema Synth banner.

Content Highlights: Malavika Mohanan talks about intimate scene with Matthew Thomas

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