Thechikotukava Ramachandra did not stop, the elephant saw Papan fall and ran to Papan; The Devaswom Board denied the news that the elephant had fallen and claimed that the accident was caused by people stepping on it

Palakkad: The Devaswom Board has denied the news of one-horned elephant Ramachandran falling in the Patur temple. Papan was not injured in the elephant attack. The Devaswom Board says that earlier Pope Ram was crushed and injured by the people.

Devaswom officials claim that Ramachandran Thechikotukav rushed forward after seeing Papan fall. Thechikotukava Devaswom also alleged that the intervention was to remove the elephant from the elephants.

As soon as the elephant on the back turned, the people scattered and while running away, Papan Ram hit the people and fell on the ground. Then people kicked the father.

The Devaswom Board argues that Thechikotukava Ramachandran moved forward after seeing Papan fall. Papan Raman also replied that people get injured by stepping on them.

At the same time, Thechikotukava Ramachandran returned to Purparam after months of ban. Palakkad Alathur Patur elephant fell during work.

Three people including Papan were injured in the accident. Raman (63), a resident of Nenmara Karimpara, the elephant’s first father, was injured. He was admitted to Thrissur Medical College Hospital.

Radhika and Ananya, residents of Patur Thekkalam, were also injured in the accident. He was admitted to a private hospital in Alathur. Thechikotukav Ramachandran is an elephant owned by Thechikotukav Devaswat. So far 13 people have died in elephant attacks.

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