The star of Satya series left Islam and converted to Hinduism for the purpose of marriage – the actor himself revealed the truth in the news

Mershina Neenu is one of the most loved stars of Malayalam. The actor is identified with the serial sector. The actor is recognized through the serial Satya. The actress is known to be a girl with a childish streak. Now the social media is full of latest news of the actress. Now the discussion of marriage is in full swing on social media.

A few days ago the news of their marriage was spread on social media. There was news that the actor is getting married by changing religion. Many people came forward criticizing the actress. Apart from this, many people supported the actress and did everything. Now the actors are coming out in front of the truth in this matter.

“That wedding photoshoot was done when Satya serial was coming to an end. Many people saw it and mistook it for real wedding. It appeared in a flash. Some people wrote that I converted to Hinduism. Some online The media has also found out who the Czechs are.”Many people told many stories,” says the actress.

“Many people also suggested lodging a complaint with the cyber cell. At first I was very worried seeing such news written for someone or something. Later we realized that we cannot shut people’s mouths. If we strive for it, we have to keep trying. On the other hand, if we think that this is not an issue that affects us, then there is no harm in it ‘- the actress revealed all these things in an interview given to a women’s magazine.

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