the spirit of a man who leads his wife on the right path even when she is on the wrong path; girls smothered in

a man’s sense of leading his wife on the ‘straight path’ even when she is on the wrong path; girls smothered in

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Jinn is a movie directed by Siddharth Bharatan and starring Saubin Shahir in the lead role. Siddharth Bharatan brought magical realism, fantasy and smuggling together under one roof. Soubin played two characters named Lalappan and Anees in the film.

The magical world of Lallappan was beautifully laid out in the beginning of Jinn. Later on, the old story was getting out of hand somewhere. The biggest plus point of Jinn is the fantasy mixed story of Lallappan.

Similarly, another thing that is mentioned with great importance in the film is the power of working in any attic space. The two main female characters in the film are Tara Kosi played by Leona Lishoy and Safa played by Shanthi Balachandran. The men in the film exercise their power through their moles.

It is Tara who is beaten by her husband Paul, who finds out about Tara’s relationship with Anees. Paul knows that Anise is powerful and has influence. That’s why he is not ready to touch Anees. He takes out his anger on Tara. Paul is one of the majority of men who believe that women are in his possession, that he can use them as he pleases, even if he is socially and economically privileged.

Safa, Anees’s wife, is a woman who has no privileges as a woman compared to Tara. He marries Safa, a member of a traditional Muslim family, to make amends with Anees. Here also it becomes the duty of the woman to repair the man.

It is not his fault that Safa is having an affair with Lallappan. This happens unconsciously. But for this also Anees is beating him. Safa is beaten up by Anees, who is having an extramarital affair with Tara. Here, Anees also has a manly understanding that whichever way he goes, his wife should not go that way.

Anees’s mother also stops Safa from getting a job. His stand is that women should work and take care of the family. Here we see the patriarchal society’s stereotypical thinking that money earned by women is a matter of shame.

Content Highlight: Patriarchal Way of Society in D Jinn Movie

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