The senior, who got angry after being told that he had to shave off his moustache, was at first disgusted; Finally made my life partner: Actor Shaju told his love story

Shaju is a favorite of the Malayalam miniscreen audience. Apart from being an actor, the actor is also a doctor. The actor, who has become a favorite of the miniscreen audience after acting in several serials, is currently acting in the serial Kudumbavilak.

The star shines as Rohit Gopalan in Kudumbavilak. Rohit is the husband of Sumitra, the central character of the series. Their marriage in the serial went viral all over Kerala due to an advertisement.

Meanwhile, Shaju’s love story is also making headlines. In the serial, Rohit-Sumitra’s romance begins during college. So is Shaju’s true love.

Shaju’s life partner is a senior girl who had come for ragging. After completing MA Literature, Shaju went to study BDS in a college in Salem.

Some of Star’s juniors were present there as Shaju’s seniors in MG College. Ashla was one of them.

Shaju, who came as a junior, was ragged by the seniors there. If we say ragging then it means pulling the moustache. The senior Chechen came and asked Shaju and everyone else to remove their moustaches.

The next day, except for Shaju and a friend, everyone else brings Misha. Then there is Asha Sr. who came to meet. He said that when he comes tomorrow, he will come with a moustache. Shaju did not remove his mustache the next day also. This angered all the seniors.

But later became friends with the seniors. Befriended Asha too. Shaju also said that he used to hate Asha despite being friends.

After the final year, both got posting in the same department while doing house emergency. That’s when you make good friends.

We were still not in love and of course we parted ways. He used to call me sometimes after college. When the time comes for the wedding, Shaju learns that he has a good relationship with Asha.

Shaju says he was proposing just like that. But the reason is that both of them belong to two religions.
It was a big problem in the beginning.

His family had no problem. But Asha’s family was against it. Everything was fine then. Shaju says that they have married with everyone’s consent.

Shaju talked about his love marriage when he came to participate in the show ‘Sage and Gates’. It is now again gaining attention among the fans of the star.

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