The same copy of his film Nankar Naret Mayakam; Tamil director accused

Lijo Jose Pellissery-Mammootty co-production ‘Nanpakal Nereth Mayakkum’ has been accused of plagiarism. Tamil director Halita Shamim has alleged that Lijo Jose Pellissery stole the entire beauty of her film ‘Ale’.

The director said that he was happy when he learned that both the films were shot at the same location, but he would not remain silent if the film’s ideas and aesthetics were mercilessly chopped off.

Halita mentioned this through a Facebook post. Full text of Halita Shamim’s Facebook post: Stealing the entire aesthetic from a film is unacceptable.

We had prepared a village for the shooting of ‘Ale’. The fact that ‘Nanapkal Neerath Mayaka’ has also been shot in the same village is a source of joy. But it is a bit difficult to take in the beauty I have seen and created.

The ice cream here is the one with milk. Some old man is running behind the mortuary van, then here a mini bus is running behind an old man.

As the story progresses, there are more to compare. I’m posting this on the basis that I can speak for myself.

You can write on my picture of Elle. But I will not be silent if thoughts and sense of beauty are taken away without mercy’, said Halita Shamim.

Aly is the movie where Samudrat Kani is the central character. The screenplay dialogue of the film’s story was by Halita Shamim. On the other hand, Mammootty’s film Naankar Faram Mayakam was directed by Lijo Jose.

Lijo’s story is written by S Harish. Mammootty will be seen in two roles in the film as Malayali James and Tamilian Sundaram.

Mammootty himself produced ‘Nanapkal Neerath Mayakam’ under the banner of Mammootty Company. Lijo has also produced the film under the banner of Amen Movie Monastery. Mammootty’s film ‘Nanapkal Nereth Mayakkam’ started streaming on Netflix last day after showing in theatres.

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