The same can be said for those who have seen the film – but for now let’s read the review of the film

Sooraj Venjaramoot and Siddique played central roles in the film, but that is not the case. The film hit the theaters yesterday. The film is directed by Bash Mohammad. He is the director of the film Luka Chuppi. Hence the expectations will be high even when his next film releases. How much did the director accomplish this? Read the full review of the film.

The film revolves around two families. A family features the characters of Balu and Lakshmi, played by Suraj Venjaramood and Gayatri Arun. Another family has the characters of Karim and Zulfi, played by Siddiqui and Leena. Leena plays a character in the film who is worried that her own daughter will run away with someone. Balu and Lakshmi are their neighbours. Later this film is based on some big and small moments that happen in the family of both of them.

The film tells the story in a very boring environment. The subject matter of this film cannot be considered a plot to make a film. I think it would have been better if it had been presented as a drama lasting at most half an hour. Another major annoyance of the film is that most of the scenes in the film take place in a very cramped environment. The story of the film takes place in two flats. Other characters in the film are also played by people from the same apartment. There are very few outdoor scenes in the film.

Those watching the film sitting in the theater will get bored. But if you are watching on an online platform, you may find the movie more enjoyable after hitting skip. So it is better to wait for the online release of the film. This is not a film worth watching in theatres.