The rest of the scenes are shot as usual, but when Mammootty comes in to act the emotions, the whole set changes.

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“The rest of the scenes are shot in a normal way, but when Mammootty comes in to act out the emotions, the whole set changes.”

Mammootty often differs from other superstars in finding the actor in himself rather than being a star. Even after decades of entering cinema, Mammootty is still carving out the actor in him. He was telling the audience that with every new film that comes out, the ones you don’t expect will come.

Mammootty’s emotional scenes are liked by the audience the most. Director Lijo Jose Pellissery has said that if Mammuka’s eyes were filled with tears, we will be without knowing it.

Production controller S Mammootty talks about the changes he goes through on the sets while filming emotional scenes. L Pradeep. In an interview given to Master Bin channel, Pradeep said that when Mammootty comes to act in sentiments, the whole set of people come there and it is a special pleasure to see it.

‘Puli will see the whole set acting up sentiments. It’s a special treat to see. Other scenes are as usual. If you watch the film from Mela, you will understand that Mammooka’s feelings are a special feeling for us,’ Pradeep said.

Mammootty’s upcoming movie is Naan Pagal Nerath Mayakam. The audience is eagerly waiting for the film where the Mammootty-Lizzo Jose Pellissery combo will come together for the first time. The film received a great response when it screened at IFFK. It will release on January 19.

Mayakam is produced by Mammootty Company and Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Amen Movie Monastery.
For the story of LJP, S. Harish has written the screenplay and dialogues. The film, being set in Tamil backdrop, was shot in a single schedule at Palani Kanyakumari.

The film also stars Ramya Pandian, Ashokan, Vipin Atlee and Rajesh Sharma in key roles. Theni Easwar, who did cinematography for Mammootty’s Peranap and Pushu, is handling the camera. The editor is Deepu Joseph. Sound designing is done by Ranganath Ramvi.

Content Highlights: Production controller SL Pradeep about shooting for Mammootty’s emotional scenes

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