The question was, from where do you learn all these rituals and how did you get so much poison in your mind; What did her father ask about Srividya

Actress Srividya Mullacheri got engaged at this time. Srividya is all set to reunite with the director after a long courtship. Both had told everything about their love. But Shree has not mentioned marriage. Srividya got married after six years of courtship. Srividya has a very beautiful love story.

Now talking about Mr.’s answer given by his father when he expressed his need at home. And the actress talked about her country.

I asked if Papa would build a wall for us, but Papa didn’t hit me. He was asked about this for two days. Where are you learning this culture? The question was how did you get so much poison in your mind. How can we build a wall where so many families live together? After that I do not use the word wall in the house.

Srividya belongs to her own country. It was only after Srividya entered the cinema that many people from there also saw the theatre. At first the family members did not like Srividya’s acting. Srividya always lived with her mother. The actress said that there is nothing against her acting today.