The one working on Genie had a bike accident, the other fell on the shuttle court and lay on the bed, in the box for 3 years, finally being replaced on the eve of the release date – a poll because of a movie.

Jinn is the latest film directed by Siddharth Bharatham. This film was released last week. But the film could not be released on that day. Everyone felt that the release of the film has been postponed due to some technical problem. The release of the film was announced till the last day.

But it is learned that they decided to change the name of the film as the film was named after evil forces. The shooting of this film started about two-three years back. Even though the shooting was over immediately, the film sat in the box for almost three years. Not only this, other unpleasant incidents happened.

A person working in the film got injured after falling from the bike. Another person fell on the shuttle court and was made to lie down. The makers of the film also believe that it is because of the name Jinn. It is known that for this reason the name of the film has been changed.

On the other hand, in the past, if I made a film named Gandharvan, then Padmarajan also caught the tiger’s tail in the same way. He died a few years after making this film. He died at a very young age. A group of superstitious people said that the death was caused by the name Gandharvan. This has become yet another incident which proves that there is no dearth of superstitions both inside and outside Malayalam cinema.

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