The lump was first noticed during a scalpel examination, and was found to be a bone tumor growing – Robin Radhakrishnan, the first person to disclose the disease

Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. The actor is best known for the show Bigg Boss. The actor is a doctor by profession. But now it is learned that the actor is going to focus more on the film industry. The actor is currently gearing up to direct a film.

110 kg weight is required for this film. For that the actor was slowly increasing his weight. Meanwhile, the engagement of the star has been fixed. It is known that the engagement will happen in January or February next year. Now for that the actor is preparing to lose weight again. He says that he has lost a lot of weight in a week and will work hard to lose 90 kilos.

Along with this, for the first time, he also disclosed about the tumor disease. The disease was detected three years ago. While tilting the head, it felt as if something was patting lightly. The tumor was growing in the head only during the investigation. It is increasing slowly. He says that during this time he will experience severe headache and mood swings. MRI scan is done every year. It should be carefully checked whether the tumor is going to the brain or not.

On the other hand, if this tumor reaches the brain, then there will be a big problem. Fight this disease and move forward. He asks if this is also a part of life. Robin asks who can tell what will happen in life in the journey ahead. And Robin’s fans and viewers alike say that nothing will happen to him and all our prayers are with you.

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