The lift in which Ajay Devgan was riding broke down and he fell straight down from the third floor, details are as follows

Ajay Devgan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been able to capture the love of Malayalees through Bollywood movies. He acted in the Hindi version of the recently released film Drishyam. He is one of those stars who grabbed attention as a director as well. He is currently prepping the Hindi version of Kai, directed by Logesh Kanakraj, with Karthi playing the central role.

Meanwhile, now a very scary news is coming out. Now the news of the lift accident that happened to him is coming to the fore. He was entering the lift from the third floor. The list broke and fell straight to the floor below. He was taken out after about two hours. He was stuck in the lift for two hours.

He says it is one of the scariest memories. He said those experiences still haunt us today. He says that after this he is very scared to go in the lift. Recalling this incident, he said that he has a superhero look in the film but in reality he is a very green man.

He says that after this incident he had claustrophobia. The name refers to the fear of narrow places. Meanwhile, an incident that happened years ago has now become a topic of discussion in social media. The words spoken by the actor in an earlier interview are now being picked up again by social media.