The intro of Aduthoma was shot with 40 goats in the old Crystal, today was shot with 500 goats at a cost of Rs 2 crore – an eight and a half minute long variation in Crystal.

Spadikam is one of those films that has carved a place in the history of Malayalam cinema. Mohanlal’s character Aduthoma in this film is one of the most powerful characters in the history of Malayalam cinema. Bhadran presented this beautiful film to the Malayalam audience. Now such news is coming out which will thrill all Malayalam film lovers.

There are reports that the 4K version of the film will be released on February 9. The booking of the film has started. The response of the fans is very good. Mammootty’s Christopher is also releasing on the same day. Now the audience is looking forward to see whether more people are coming for Mammootty’s new film or Mohanlal’s 30 years old film.

Meanwhile the old crystal is also not releasing. The director says that some changes have been made in the film. The director says that the new crystal is eight and a half minutes longer than the old crystal. The director says that he has shot and added new portions at a cost of around two crores.

For example, the introduction scene of the character Aduthoma is one of the best in the film. Six Thomas are seen on the screen drinking Chunk’s blood from Muttanadi. This scene was shot using 40 goats in those days. But today Bhadran says that the scene was changed and shot with 500 goats. In any case, the audience is now telling the director that enough is enough not to bring the film Spadikam to the stage where the baby is washed away.

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