the image that binds human relationships; Director Major Ravi praised Bhavna’s film ‘Nate Ikkakkuru Premamandru’

After a long gap, Malayalam’s favorite actress, Bhavana, returned to Malayalam with the film ‘Ikkakkoru Premandaran’. Sharafuddin and Bhavana play the lead roles in the film which hit the theaters the previous day.

The film is getting good response. Many people are praising the film. Now director Major Ravi’s words after watching the film are making headlines on social media.

Major Ravi says that ‘Ikkakkuru Premandarni’ is a film connecting human relationships. To be honest, Major Ravi also noted that when he saw the film, he was nostalgic.

Major Ravi said through social media post-

I saw a movie yesterday. I saw the film in Chennai. For some reason I really liked it. A picture that reminds me of my childhood school days. During this, those in love will have to face many difficulties.

Because if the neighbors see it or the residents see it, there could be a big problem. There is no need to tell the problems that will come if the family members come to know.. I have experienced all this. To be honest, when I saw the picture, a nostalgia came to my mind.

Another thing that impressed me in this film was the character played by Sharafu. The values โ€‹โ€‹of brotherhood have been given a lot of importance in this film.

I wish I had a daughter like this too. It was a time when every father wanted his son to achieve what he could not. In this picture we can see a man passing through it.

Even a small child can happily sit and watch this movie, even if it is a small idea.

Caste is never mentioned in the film, although it does pass through a Hindu-Muslim romance. Rather it is a film connecting human relationships.

Bhavna returns to Malayalam after a break in this film. In this film, Bhavna plays a very matured girl unlike the characters we have seen.

The man who thought me as a little boy named Sharafu, with so much maturity, has become a good brother, a good lover and despite the vicissitudes of any person, he pays the price for that old love.

I was very happy when I saw him play a character who was ready to bear anything for him. Sharafu was so natural that acting never felt like it.

Similarly, Sharafu’s younger sister has no way to escape! That little boy lives in the mind. Seeing Ashok as a father figure to Sharafu, because I always liked Ashok.

Liked this one character of Ashok a lot. There is such a father in everyone’s life. A father who really understands those mental struggles. I too have gone through this phase.

Congratulations to Bhawna, Sharafu, Kochu Nishiksha, Ashokan and all the actors and crew especially the director and screenwriter. Sharaf Udhin

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