The Hindi actress jailed her own husband, when her accusers came to know about the crime she had committed, she changed her stand that she should no longer see the outside world.

Rakhi Sawant is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is noticed through Hindi Bigg Boss. Her husband is Adil Khan Durrani. The news is coming out that the husband has been arrested by the police this morning. He has been arrested by the Oshiwara police from Mumbai. Rakhi made serious allegations against him on the previous day.

The information received is that the husband was arrested on this complaint, but there is no official confirmation of his arrest on this complaint. Rakhi recently officially announced the news of her remarriage. Both had married in 2002, but both kept this news hidden. This news came in social media, but earlier it was claimed that it is fake.

But it is known that after constant pressure from Rakhi, he accepted the marriage. But Rakhi said the other day that he was abusing her mentally and physically. Rakhi says that before participating in the Bigg Boss program, he had given her ten lakh rupees, but he did not give it to his mother. His mother passed away recently. Rakhi had come forward and alleged that her husband was the cause of her mother’s death.

Rakhi says that many cases are pending against her husband in Mysore. Anyway, Rakhi has raised a lot of emotions against her husband on social media. Malayalam audience is now demanding that the husband who is the cause of someone’s death should no longer be shown to the outside world and should be sent to jail at the earliest.

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