The good news is that it’s the second time around; Finally Bina Antony released the news

Beena Antony is an actress who came from films and made her place in serials. Now the actress is acting in the serial Moonragam. With an initially positive response, the series faced a lot of criticism. At first the audience did not like the story. But now Bina has shared the joy of a strong comeback. The actress told about this in the video.

It was decided to shoot the video from a happy location, but Beena shared the video saying that there is a network problem. Beena said that she is very happy that the serial has now reached the number one position.

When it comes out, everyone says that Mounragam is doing well and now we are seeing its results. Many thanks to all of you for supporting us. To be number one in the ratings this week is great. We celebrated it by cutting a cake and said Bina. This is the second time that Mounaragam has topped the ratings.

Meanwhile, Beena said that the upcoming stories of the series are going to be even more amazing. Many people commented below the video. Some commented on the happiness of the actress.

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