The girl has more of it – Bala’s statement angers Nityadas, and Bala is again in the news for whether he was called to make fun of her.

Bala is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. At one time he was known as the son-in-law of Kerala. He was married to Malayali favorite Amrita Suresh. These two were considered as one of the best star couples in Malayalam. But today Bala is a source of controversy. The actor has been embroiled in several controversies one after the other.

His wife is Elizabeth. Both of them got married recently. Bala is a native of Tamil Nadu but has been married twice and is from Kerala. Elizabeth works as a doctor. Currently Bala and Elizabeth are participating in the show I am my man.

Meanwhile, another person in this program is Nityadas. Nitya Das asked a question. What was your thought about marriage? Bala’s response to this later became a cause of controversy. Bala’s answer was that women are strong. Nitya Das immediately intervened in the matter. Do not say and said that mutual understanding is what keeps a marriage going. Later, we see Bala’s warm-up scene. Bala asked if he called us to make fun of us.

This is what is said in the promotional video of the program. At the same time, the viewers are saying that this is a deliberately created scene to show the program to the people and the channel has been doing this for years and we have seen many such things. Actually, there is no problem between them. Now the viewers are commenting that the channel people are only adding music and making it worse.

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