The film went without any hope but Lalton’s one-handed fight; Elon, audience reaction

The Mohanlal-Shaji Kailas combo has again become a hit with the audience. After 12 years, Shaji Kailas’ film ‘Alone’ starring Mohanlal in the lead is getting good response from the theatres. Alone is Mohanlal’s first film to release in 2023.

Viewers say that they went without much expectation but got a great film. A member of the audience wrote on social media, “It is a difficult task to interact with the audience by showing only one person on the screen, but Shaji Kailas has managed it well, Mohanlal’s one-man show and superb acting film.” ‘s success.”

Some viewers are commenting like, “The movie was totally disappointing, but it didn’t disappoint… In recent Mohanlal movies, Alone is the best”, “In a very suspenseful mood, with no lag , Lalithan’s single- hand-to-hand fight in the beautiful frame of Shaji Kailas”.

Produced by Anthony Perumbavoor under the banner of Ashirwad Cinemas. Shaji Kailas and Mohanlal’s previous film was the 2009 crime thriller ‘Red Chillies’. Screenplay by Rajesh Jayaraman. Elon’s cinematography is by Abhinandan Ramanujam.

Editing by Don Max, Production Designer Santosh Raman, Music Jacques Bijoy, Chief Production Controller Sidhu Panakkal, Makeup Liju Panamacode, Bijesh Balakrishnan, Costume Design Murali, Chief Associate Director Manish Bhargavan, Stills by Anish Upasana.

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