The fear of traveling at night is not of ghosts or cockroaches, but of the knife and pepper spray in the car – Veena Nair

Night travel is not about ghosts and cockroaches, there is knife and pepper spray in the car: Veena Nair

Actress Veena Nair says there has been a change in the attitude towards women. Veena said that the atmosphere now is not the same as it was 10 years ago and it may change when her son grows up. Veena’s response was in an interview given to Kaumudi Movies.

‘Ten out of a hundred people who see women walking in the night will have a different view. One wonders why she is doing this at night. This has been going on for ages. But this year is different from last year. My son is six years old. By the time he is in college these mannerisms will have changed a lot. The environment is not what I saw ten years ago. A lot will change in the next ten years.

I am a person who goes out to friends late at night. My tension is not ghost and cockroach. I have a knife and pepper spray in my car. This is for safety while traveling alone. Be it a man or a woman, we should be careful while traveling alone.

Traveling in train He was alone in that bogie at night. It is not safe whether it is a man or a woman. Then go in the bogie with two or three people. We have to take care of our security. Don’t sit around saying I’m going to be lonely and see if anyone does anything. If you stand in front of an elephant and tell it to stab you when the horn goes off, the elephant will just walk away. let’s take a look. Then blame the environment,’ Veena said.

Theera is Veena’s last released film. s. J. Directed by Sinu, the film stars Amit Chaklakal in the lead role. Kalabhavan Shajon, Baburaj, Vijayaraghavan, Sreejith Ravi, Prashanth Alexander, Pramod Velianad, Sanju Sivaram, Aziz Nedumangad, Sminu Sijo, Nilja K. Other characters were played by Baby, Riya Saira and Suresh Babu.

Content Highlight: Attitude towards women has changed, says actress Veena Nair

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