The family studied, got married and now live comfortably with the money they earned from acting in Shakeela’s film – but do you know what makes them stand out from home? Viewers say they get in trouble

Shakeela is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. If you want to say, at one time he single-handedly held the collapsing Malayalam cinema. People used to go to theaters only for their films. Today, actors who call themselves pan-Indian stars don’t really cross the border of the Walayar, unless a film or two is a hit in a foreign language. Then, decades ago, a star named Shakeela was making waves across India. Even today, if there is any All India star of Malayalam in India, then it is Shakeela.

But they have only received great neglect from their families. He recently gave an interview. The interview given by him on YouTube channel Mile Stone Makers is now being noticed. In this he openly says many things. The actor also criticizes his family in this.

The actor has faced a lot of criticism for often working in B-grade films. The truth is that even today the actor does not miss any criticism. Meanwhile, the actor says that he has heard the most criticism from his own family. Now the actor is saying very painful words.

“He studied with the money I earned from acting in films. All of them married with the same money. If today they all are living comfortably, it is because of the money I earned. But I have got the most negative comments from them” – says Shakeela. At the same time, viewers are saying that she is getting a lot of courtesy from the society and it is a very good change.

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