The family is getting bigger, thank God – just wait a few more days, Lakshmipriya, this is what happened

Lakshmi Priya is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor has played minor and major roles in several films. The actor also appeared in the last Bigg Boss season as a contestant. She was one of those stars who initially did not get the support of the public. There were many people who humiliated and trolled her on social media and outside by calling her Kulastri.

But he was not only one of the contestants who completed 100 days in the Bigg Boss house, but was also at number four when the program ended. It is fair to say that not only did he get a lot of fans through this show, but he also got a lot of detractors. He is still being despised on social media for many reasons but now he has a lot of fans to support him which he has earned through Bigg Boss is one of the things he can proudly say Are.

While it would be fair to say that the actor remains quite active in social media, the actor not only shares all his small and big details with his fans but fans are also eagerly accepting all this and online media. attach great importance to.

Lakshmi Priya has now posted a photo of herself with Rob and Aarti on Instagram. This is a photo of their engagement day. Lakshmi Priya says the family is getting bigger and there is one more reason to post this photo and she will wait for some more days. Laxmi Priya calls Rob and Aarti as brother and sister-in-law. Lakshmi Priya thanks God. Meanwhile, Malayalees are eagerly waiting to know what surprise Lakshmi Priya has prepared.

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