The explanation itself is a loss due to Polly Walson and Srinda dubbing; tarun murthy with explanation

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The explanation itself is a loss due to Polly Walson and Srinda dubbing; tarun murthy with explanation

Saudi Vellakka is the Malayalam film that has garnered the most attention in 2022. Saudi Velakka was touted as the second film of director Tarun Murthy, whose debut film was the hit Operation Jawa. The film received huge appreciation from the audience upon its release. Devi Varma, who played the role of the central character Ayushumma, won accolades. Devi Varma was dubbed by actress Pauli Valson.

Last January 6, Saudi Vellaka was released on Sony LIV. The OTT film received mixed reviews upon its release. The dubbing was heavily criticized when a group of spectators took over the film. Devi Varma’s dubbing was criticized by Srindha, Pauly Valson and Dhanya Ananya. Although the actors and dub actors performed well, it was criticized that they felt incompatible with each other. The criticism also came that the people who have dubbed are very familiar to the audience and they will remember them as soon as they hear their voices.

Tarun Murthy himself reached the spot the next day to answer the criticism. Tarun clarified in the comments of the post shared regarding the release of Saudi Velakka OTT. Tarun said that Devi Varma was initially told that she would not be able to dub and she did not dub due to health issues.

Tarun also said that Dhanya Ananya’s character Nazima was dubbed with Srinda as she felt it was a character that should have a little more hate.

“That mother said in the beginning that she will not dub. Dubbed too, AC. While committing the film, it was said that it was difficult to abuse while sitting in a room. But at the last moment I agreed to dub on my insistence. studio for. I decided not to go due to health problems and went back

Thank you Ananya has done a good job. Dhanya Ananya went to Kochi and met many people and learned the style of the language. When I saw it after the shoot, I felt that Naseema’s character should have been a bit more disgusting. I felt that if ‘Chelap’ was a bit too much, the character would have got irritated. With Dhanya’s permission, Srinda approaches the dub.

Srinda Najima, who knew the local life well, was made Chelap Nasi. The takeaways we saw in Saudi Velakka were za’atar with very little screen space and frozen umm. We felt that Sattar and Ummah are playing tricks on us because Naseema is getting so irritated. The goal was to hate Naseema and love Sattar. We know it is our defeat that needs to be explained. But because so many questions are coming,’ Tarun Murthy said in the comments.

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