The disease was cancer but it was detected very late and those days were really lonely – remember my actress from Manasputri series? This is the current status of the actress

Sreekala Sasidharan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Perhaps this name does not mean to understand the star. But if we say that she is the actress who played the role of Sophia in the serial ‘My Manasputri’ aired on Asianet recently, then Malayalam people will somehow understand her. Because it was such a popular series. The series had many fans.

The actress got married in 2012. The actor was married to a friend named Vipin. After this the actor took a break from acting. Recently the actress has given birth to her second child. Now the actors are telling the new story of the actress. The actor has now come to participate in Flower TV’s program ‘Oro Kori’.

“My mother always accompanied me when I went for shoots. My mother looked after all my affairs. She just wanted to tell her everything. My mother was my best friend. More than my sister knew More I told my mother. “When my mother left us, I was very disappointed,” says the actor.

“My mother had liver cirrhosis. The doctor said that there would be no problem for ten years. But one day suddenly my mother collapsed in the bathroom. Then we came to know that it was a cancer called myeloma. But my mother didn’t know that my mother had cancer until her death. The medicine started affecting the liver. With him, the state of health worsened” – says the actor. The actor says that even two days before his death, his mother talked to him about the serial.

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