“The days spent with Mammooka will never be forgotten.”; 24 News exclusive interview with actor Sudhi Koppa

Actor Sudhi Koppa is a huge inspiration for those who approach films with focus. This actor, who came to cinema with great difficulty, has attended innumerable auditions. Starting with minor roles, unrecognizable, he grew up to become an actor who overcame many difficulties and managed to play great roles in films like Aadu, Porinju Mariam Jose, etc.

Now what he said in an exclusive interview with Sudhi Kopa of 24 News is commendable. He says that he wanted nothing else in his life except cinema. Sudhi says that she has been influenced by cinema since childhood and her house was in front of a theatre.

Sudhi Koppa says that the difficulties she faced for the film did not seem like a big problem to her. The actor said that’s why he doesn’t talk about such experiences in interviews. Sudhi Koppa said that she worked very hard to maintain the film and did not find it difficult at all.

He also says that many people he met at the first audition are now well-known stars. Sudhi Kopa said in an interview that she met Joju, Sharafuddin, Siju Wilson and director Tarun Murthy at such auditions. The actor said that many people have made good comments about his performance.

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Sudhi Koppa has worked with actor Mammootty in the film ‘Manglish’. The actor says those days were the most precious moments of his life. In the interview, the actor also spoke about issues like drug use and women’s safety in the film.

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