The critic remarks that Alphonse Putra is not even 10% of Basil Joseph’s potential; Did you hear Alphonse Putra’s viral reply?

Gold was the most awaited film of Malayalam film lovers. After the superhit film Premam, this film was directed by Alphon and the audience was eagerly waiting for this film.

The film starring Prithviraj Nayanthara and Nayanthara was a disappointment at the theatres.

Several areas were criticized including the film’s camera editing system. After this, there was a lot of criticism of the director on social media.

After the film reached OTT, the director’s social media post is getting a lot of criticism. In such a situation, the actor’s reaction to the criticism reaching him is attracting attention.

Alphonse’s reaction to a comment comparing him and director Basil Joseph is garnering attention among fans.

A cinephile doubts whether Alphonse Putra is overrated. The comment was that I didn’t think Basil Joseph had even 10% of his talent.

Alphonse’s answer was as follows – then I am 10 percent of Tulsi Joseph. Thanks, I am not overrated at all bro. The State Award jury called me Ujhappan, very condescendingly and with a lot of foul language. Then compare lion and lion brother. Compare Dilish Pothan and Basil Joseph. Leave me alone it is enough to think that I am a small ant.

The fans have accepted the director’s words. Fans say it’s a silent response to those who criticized and tried to derail a film because they felt it was a failure. Fans also say that Alphonse is saying without saying that he will make a strong comeback.

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