The bottle of toddy burst, the room was set on fire to prevent the foul smell from spreading, and when the warden woke up, he said that he had worshiped to pass the exam; About trying to fetch water from Srividya Hostel

Srividya Mullassery is the favorite star of Malayalees. This style is active on the miniscreen and the large screen. During this, the engagement of the star took place. Srividya is going to marry director Rahul. They are going to come together after six years of love.

Now Srividya is talking about trying to drink toddy from the hostel while studying. Srividya narrated the story while apologizing to her friends who were with her at that time.

Once we had a desire to drink Panangal. A friend of ours brought it. It was given in a Seven Up bottle. When brought in the afternoon, he secretly went to the class. After reaching the room at night, I thought to drink.

But at half past six the bottle burst. Gas was filled in it and it exploded. Finally the smell started coming out. When the smell came out, my friend took the second year text book and burnt it. By the time we said no, she had started the fire. Finally the warden arrived and the room was filled with smoke. When asked what happened, he said that he had performed the puja to pass the exam. By then I ran to the bathroom and closed the door and called Srividya.

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