The audience says genie. southlive

Jinn, which released today, is the fifth film directed by Siddharth Bharathan. The release of the film, which was slated to be shot in 2020 with Soubin Shahir in the lead, was postponed several times. The release of the film involved in the case was delayed. As soon as the film came after the release of ‘Chaturam’, the audience thronged the theaters with high expectations.

But the opinion of many people who saw the film was not so good. Many types of comments are coming on social media. One commented, “Expected a bit more from Siddharth Bharathan, liked only the first half, climax could have been better.” “When I heard Jinn, I started thinking that it is a ghost film. For the first half an hour, I felt that there was a ghost, listening to Sabub’s acting and voice.” But they changed tracks and became a family version”, are some of the other responses. Although many people have written negative comments about the film on social media, there are positive comments as well.

Ginn has nothing in common with Siddharth Bharathan’s other films as seen in the poster and trailer. What makes the film different is its change from the premise of the initial story. Emotionally connecting visuals with the content of a commercial film. The specialty of Genie is that Soubin is able to put an end to the bad name he has heard for acting in the past. Definitely Jinn will be the film that the audience will look forward to in the opening films of this year.”

The film Jinn is a journey through the life of a man who has lost his mental control. The loneliness he faced in the society, his love, lust, problems of not getting the right treatment, exploitation and because of that the problems faced by the people around him come in the film.

Later the film moves to the story of a strange world in which he accidentally lands. The film has possibilities ranging from comedy, magical realism to thriller. In this way, after passing through many zones, the film ends. Jin has the feel of disjointed half-shots. The film starred Shanti Balachandran, KPSC Lalitha, Shine Tom Chacko, Leona Lishoy and Sabuman in lead roles along with Sob.

The announcement that Jin is coming to the theaters today was quite sudden. The film was supposed to release on December 30 last year, but it could not happen. The poster came out yesterday and it was announced that the film will release tomorrow, and the film hit the theaters today. Earlier in 2020, the release of Gin was first blocked. The Madras High Court has stayed the case filed by Dream Warrior Pictures, the producers of the film ‘Kaidi’. Dream Warrior Pictures has moved court against Straight Line Cinemas, the producer of gin, after multiple requests for profit share of the inmate entering the 100 crore club were not paid as per the contract. Straight Line Cinemas was the distributor of Prisoner in Kerala.