The audience insulted Binu Adimali, who was performing on stage, and when she asked him what to do, the audience asked him not to get off the stage.

Binu Adimali is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been presenting stage shows for the last 30 years. The actor also makes impressive appearances in several television shows. Star got maximum fan following through Star Magic Show. Phool is a program aired on TV.

A few days ago the actor did an event in Oman. A video clip taken of this event is now going viral on social media. Binu Adimali is presenting the program on stage. He is accompanied by two other actors. But a great joy is coming from the audience. Here we can see the typical Malayali attitude of making someone happy no matter how bad the schedule is.

Some people insult Binu Adimali without considering him as a human being. Binu Adimali asks what should we do to stop the programme. Even though Binu Adimali showed so much courtesy, the audience in Oman didn’t learn to be polite in return. In the video, we can hear the audience saying that the program should not be closed.

Binu Adimali has been doing mime and comedy shows on stage for the last 30 years. Thus he has to bear a lot of criticism, humiliation and neglect. The audience must remember that Binu Adimali came here today after bearing all that. The audience says that people like Binu Adimali are now proud of those who cannot perform on stage even for a minute or two without missing a dialogue.

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