The advertisement inspired Lizzo to do good; sikh boy goes viral

The advertisement inspired Lizzo to do good; sikh boy goes viral

Mammootty-Lizzo Jose Pellissery collaboration film Naan Pagal Nereth Mayakkum is releasing in theatres. The film is getting good response from the day of its release. The film follows the changes that happen to a man named James on his way back home after a pilgrimage to Velankanni.

An ad is now going viral on social media with the caption LJP inspired ad image to make a good day. The ad opens with a Sikh boy traveling in a bus with his parents. During his travels, he sees a Tamil house and his appearance changes. He was speaking in Sikh language and asked to stop the car in Tamil. The boy who says this is my house sits on his dead grandfather’s chair. The ad ends with the grandmother of the house calling Sammy over to the boy, whose body language is similar to that of her husband.

The caption accompanying the social media post states that Lizzo said at the IFFK venue that he was inspired to do Acche Din by this ad for Glenply Plywood and he expresses his gratitude for the ad right at the beginning of the film.

Mammootty is changing from James to handsome day by day. James goes to Sundaram’s house and behaves like him, wears his clothes and accompanies him all the way.

Mammootty’s performance resonates with the entire audience watching the film. Viewers say that Lijo has taken the actor away from Mammootty and Naan Pakal is a beautiful film like a dream.

For the story of LJP, S. Harish has done the screenplay and dialogues. Theni Easwar handles the camera. The editor is Deepu Joseph. Sound designing is done by Ranganath Ramvi. Mammootty Co., Ltd. and Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Amen Movie Monastery have jointly produced Naan Pagal Nera Shyamkam. The film also stars Ramya Pandian, Ashokan, Vipin Atlee and Rajesh Sharma in key roles.

Ingredients Highlight: THe inspired Lijo Jose Pellissery to make Naan Pakal Nerathu Mayakkam

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